Kerri P. – Ellisville, MS

Project: Install Electrical Switches, Outlets, and Fixtures - 9-15-2018
As a woman in the housing business as a side job, I've often been quoted outrageous prices for both electrical and plumbing. I've had a difficult time finding electricians that I feel I can trust to charge me what the job is truly worth and not try to squeeze as much as they can from me. I've had electricians flat out tell me they're services are expensive bc they give quality and quite frankly there is such a need for electricians they don't care if they don't get my business and they can charge what they want. This company NEVER made me feel I was being overcharge for anything and I know the typical cost for certain jobs. Unlike other electricians who told me the outlets cannot be upside down and was dangerous causing me to almost redo the whole house, this company was honest and told me the direction was preference and they did NOT have to be redone for safety. In other words, they were honest. The rate was good, quality of work was good, and time the job was completed was good. Will always use this company unless I see a reason not to.